About Nattō Boy

While I cannot remember the first time I saw and tried nattō, I’m very sure I was skeptical, and certainly would not have thought that this many years later I would be embracing it as much as I am. From the frozen styrofoam packs you find in many Asian grocery stores to the sticky mess left strung between your face and the plate, it is always an experience when nattō is on the menu.

The goal of this website is to showcase nattō in all of its glory as I request the delicacy that it is, from place to place. It is as much a photo journey as a review site, and I sincerely hope you enjoy coming on this journey with me.

That being said, occasionally I can’t find nattō, but do find other equally delicious items of food. In the interests of keeping this site interesting, I will from time to time blog about other foods and invite you to enjoy the journey!