Tombo Poké & Matcha, June 2017

While in London we were lucky to stumble upon Tombo Poké & Matcha, a restaurant in the Soho district. Sadly for me, it was the best experience with poké that I’ve had and it’s all the way across the other side of the world from where I usually am. The best part of the experience is that it’s a built-your-own type place where you follow 5 steps to choose a base, meat, sauce, mix-ins and finally toppings. All that for £9.90.

Courgette noodle, tuna, Sriracha mayo, spring onion, srichimi & crispy shallots

The meal ended up being so good the first time we went that we ended up going back for a second serving the following night. I sincerely hope someone brings a business model like this to the Gold Coast.

Courgette noodle, tuna, wasabi soy, spring onions, crispy shallots, nori, avocado & kimchi


Courgette noodle, tuna double-up, Sriracha mayo, spring onion, srichimi & crispy shallots

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