You Japanese Restaurant, December 2016

I could become a regular at You Japanese Restaurant. On previous occasions it has been closed, and this was in fact my third time to try and get a booking, but thankfully I was lucky. You wouldn’t know it, but they’ve been operating for 22 years, in the same location. I guess I don’t go into Surfers Paradise much to notice.

The meal was enjoyable, and the atmosphere about as authentic as you could get on the Gold Coast. Sure, it wasn’t Sato level in Broadbeach, but I would say no less authentic than Arakawa Restaurant or Donto Sapporo. It is always a big plus when I can find Nattō on the menu, and this time it was the third item down. Served straight up, I like the simplicity.

We tried a few items here and there, some were great, others I felt missed the mark. Take for example the sashimi, it was beautifully presented and tasted great. However, the pieces were sliced a little thick, which for the tuna and salmon did not cause a problem, but when we got to the octopus, you really noticed it.

On the other hand, they had fresh Uni (Sea Urchin) in stock and that was just perfect. The portion size was adequate, and the dish was beautifully presented. If you haven’t had the pleasure, you must try some when you get the chance. The colour can be off-putting, as can the texture, but the taste is sweet and a little salty. When you know where it comes from, that statement sounds a little wrong.

Uni (Sea Urchin)

Another disappointment towards the end of the meal was the Tsukemono. I love my Japanese pickles, but they only really delivered on the Takuan I felt. I don’t know where the Shibazuke went, and the cucumber they provided was a poor substitute for Kyurizuke I have had elsewhere.

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