Kutchi Deli Parwana, December 2016

On my recent visit to Adelaide, I was anxious to try as much from the local food and drink scene as I could. With the help of the City Brief, I was able to do just that, finding this lovely eatery to sample on my last day. I wish I had been hungrier as the food on offer all sounded really good, but I chose to eat outside of my comfort zone for the one dish I had there, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The style is Afghan street food, and I must say, it is not what I was expecting, and 100% delicious at the same time. I sort of wish I could go there to experience it for myself, however I do realise that it would be very dangerous to do so, especially for food.

The dish I ended up eating was Banjan Borani, their signature dish, and I can see why. Eggplant slices simmered in a tomato sauce, served with a yoghurt sauce. Delicious, and beautifully presented! (Kutchi Deli Parwana)

Banjan Borani
Banjan Borani

banjan borani

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