Bistro Franc, December 2016

On our way to our regular drinking spot we pass a French restaurant by the name of Bistro Franc. Previously a popular Spanish restaurant, the owner sought a change in his routine and changed cuisines. I have been following them on Instagram for a while, savouring food that was not for me, but it was finally time to try them for ourselves (website).

The menu was well priced, with about 10 smaller dishes and the same number of larger dishes, though from what we tried they felt very tapas-oriented. It worked for us. We decided to share two of the larger dishes, and then a cheese plate at the end.

beetroot cured salmon / cucumber / horseradish creme
fried whiting / sauce gribiche

Both dishes were lovely, and while I would say that between two of us they may have been on the small side, their prices would have easily allowed us to have another dish or two. I think three dishes between two would work nicely here. Ultimately, we chose to finish with the cheese plate, selecting just two cheeses, though their selection was larger. The waiters clearly knew what they were talking about and could help with choosing, though it is hard to move past “triple cream truffle”. Not in the photo was a plate of wafer thin crostini.

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