Toastface Grillah, November 2016

Toastface Grillah is an interesting venue in Perth. Hard to find, down an alleyway at the back of the main shopping mall, but serving interesting toastie creations.

We first found out about them while watching a TV special last year on Perth, but have not had the chance to check them out as we live on the East Coast. As they were on our to-do list for that long, there was a certain level of expectations, and they thankfully did not disappoint. Bonus points because they offered San Pellegrino with the meal, a water I particularly like.

Naturally, I went for the Pear Grillz, and liked it so much I came back again the next day for the exact same thing. I’m now very upset that I live so far away and probably wont see it again. A flavour combination that can’t be beat! (Website)

Danny Zuccho – Brie Cheese, Zucchini, Prosciutto
Pear Grillz – Blue Cheese, Pear, Lime Chutney

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