Aloha Bar & Dining, October 2016

Tonight was a special night at Aloha Bar & Dining, as it was halloween themed, at least in the bar area. The food hadn’t changed, something to be thankful for, but I did get some photos of drinks going out to share. The treasure chest in particular is a pretty cool looking 4-person drink.

Pirate Treasure Chest

It wouldn’t be Halloween without some jack-o-lanterns, and these groovy pineapple and watermelon versions are an interesting take on the classic pumpkin.

My new favourite drink is the Aku Saru, which is a whiskey-based drink, but only through a very light mist of the glass before the rest of the drink is added. Other ingredients are a banana liqueur, coconut, lime, pineapple and even matcha powder. You are left with a fruity meets creamy flavour that is absolutely delicious! It is also one of the more potent drinks in the bar clocking in at 2.5 standard drinks.

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