Donto Sapporo, September 2016

Sometimes it can be a long time between visits, even to places we know we will be looked after and have good food. On this occasion we had started dinner elsewhere, but decided a sashimi fix was what we needed halfway through. There was no more fatty tuna on the menu unfortunately, but we were able to find a few other things.

various sashimi

Now, I have tried plain edamame, and I have tried spicy edamame (ends up being quite greasy) but I had never tried wasabi edamame. As it was an attractively priced special I figured I might as well give it a go and found it to be a subtle flavour but quite enjoyed it. That said, Dee-Anne was not able to notice the flavour.

wasabi edamame

Naturally, who would I be if I didn’t finish with some glorious nattō? I did try to organise a chirashizushi with nattō but the staff insisted they would only serve it in a roll. A shame really as I’m quite partial to mixing it with fresh fish.

natto roll

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