Arakawa Restaurant, September 2016

I would like to share with you some photos from a recent trip to Arakawa Restaurant. On this occasion, like many times before, I started with sashimi, however I then decided to try a bento box and some pickles to give myself a refreshing change of pace.

The regular chef was away, but instead I had the head chef cooking for me. Unfortunately, I do not know what this dish was called, but it was a one-off special he was happy to make for a valued customer, not on the menu. There was definitely some fish in there.

I’ve often found the pork belly they serve at Arakawa to be too fatty, and that was what I received on this occasion as well. However, the rest of the food couldn’t be faulted.

Pork Belly Bento

As you can see in the corners of these images, to go with the pork belly, I received some salmon, tempura vegetables and another smaller tray of sashimi.

Finally, nothing clears the palate as good as a bowl of assorted pickles. Tsukemono.

Tsukemono – Takuan, Shibazuke, Kyurizuke

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